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Indian Cooking Classes!

Do you love Indian food? Our Indian cooking class will teach you and a guest how to make your favorite and most popular restaurant-style dishes! The most popular Indian dishes include Saag Paneer, Chicken Saag, Golden Chicken Curry, and Chicken Tikka Masala. Saag is a creamy spinach dish that is topped off with Paneer which is Indian-style cheese, and you will be able to learn to make the Saag from your own home! Chicken or Veggie Curry is also very popular, and you will be a curry-cooking expert at the end of the class! The Indian Cooking Class takes 1 1/2 hours, and can be scheduled Wednesday or Thursday evenings, Saturday or Sunday late afternoons or evenings. You do get to eat a dish of Saag and Masala and Curry after you have learned how to cook it! The class includes one free Bolly Bears instructional DVD per couple to remind you of all the tricks you've learned! For couples, we do offer this class for only $99.

Our cooking classes are now held in a side building that surrounds the main market hall. The address for this location is 124 West Elder St Cincinnati, Ohio, 45202. This building is located on the Market Map as building number 68! This location is between Churchills Teas and Market Wines at Findlay Market! See the picture of our location at the bottom of this page.

Classes are held at Findlay Market, 124 West Elder Street Cincinnati, Ohio, 45202.

Indian Cooking Parties!

These parties are group classes that take place in your own home! It is a lot of fun to get your friends together and learn to make Indian Food, and then everyone can eat it together! Each person will be able to cook Saag Paneer, Chicken or Veggie Curry, and Chicken or Veggie Masala during the lesson, as well as learning how to cook the Indian Cheese known as Paneer. The class is sold for $200 for any amount of people that can fit in your kitchen, and each person will get to eat lots of good food! We provide ingredients to prepare Saag and Curry for up to 6 at this price, but more can watch and learn if your kitchen space is large enough. This class usually takes about 2-3 hours, and its a lot of fun to make Indian food with your friends from the comfort of your own home. The cooking party includes a free Bolly Bears instructional DVD to remind you of all the tricks you've learned!

Parties are available any day of the week except Friday! Just call to schedule for availability and we will do our best to honor the Time and Date that fits your wants! We like to do dinner parties in the evening, and they last one and half hours or so. We will come to your home in Cincinnati within 15 miles of downtown Cincinnati at no extra charge, but if your location is more than 20 minutes drive then we have to charge a $10 trip fee. If your party is more than 25 miles or a half hour away, then the trip charge will be $20. Any further than that and you are encouraged to call for details! Thanks!

Vegetarian and Indiasian cuisine. Dine in carryout or catering. Call Chef Dan at 513-608-3980.
Located at Findlay Market. Tuesday-Saturday, 9-6 pm, Sunday 10-4 pm.